random attack

resting at Galler after a long day of shopping..

a sweet gift from my dearest Rose Gold

amhd this shot is for u

from Rose Gold, once again.. ain't she loveleh! XxXx

watermelon ice cream is highly recommended!!

Zataar & Hotdog is much tastier than Hotdog with ketchup or mustard, yum!

A notbad indian Resturant in Al Raha Mall
me playing with my dish at home to make it more appealing >_<
resting after a quick shopping , Hazelnut ice cream is to die for!!!
Mangos at work, yummy!!
Johnny Rockets, anyone?

tada!! more to come later.. inshaAllah


shmily said...

a5eeeeeeeeeeran! thank uuuuuu plz more more!i love ur random snaps

i miss ilblad :( wayed :(

Dreamy said...

yay a5eran an update~

missed you loads, where is that red decorated place, looks fab~

MrFur said...

lol she posts once every 3 months ;/
anddd you were in dubai...7ayyyhom

Anonymous said...

marina walk ;) yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ive been craving JR mn 1st day of ramadan :D