last day, or half of it

we barely had breakfast, then we left to the airport

the skies looked awesome this day.. so scrumptious!

does it look familiar?

tada!! it was a long way, an hour maybe..

Abu Dhabi airport.. we arrived at night, i couldn't take better pictures
i was sooooooooo tired =)



day 8, shopping x shopping

there was a fridge.. i got this bowl full of ice cubes when i asked for
a glass with few cubes in

browsing I-D magazine

Times Square..

Sungei Wang 6th floor, below


day 7, China Town!!

these guys speak Arabic, and they call out girls saying: "Helwa ta'aly"
they even say Habiby >_<

Tangerines, where is eagle? hehe

i never thought of asking how this works.. it's very interesting ^^,

not so yum yum =\

...aaaaaaaaaand we left!