. birthday surprise .

this day was beautifully crazy.. very sweet and lovely!!
thanks to you guys for making my day special..

my youngest friend's gift, thanks mahoora 7abeebty

early surprises.. mercii guys

i thought my day was boring, until i saw this surprise.. at the end of the day at work

shoes everywhere, i was stunned!! hehe.. i didn't know wht to say
Rose Gold and A, turned my office desk upside-down!! hehe.. sweetest thing ever!!
my boss also was part of this by sending me this lovely bouquet, ain't she amazing!! ^_^
yums!! i collected the shoes topping ones, ma 5alait 7ad yakelhen, but Rose Gold stole some

wo bad3een, i went to see a movie with DeeMaah and Mimi,
The Other Boleyn Girl, it was a good one..

mercii guys!!

shmily, this post is for u


. lovely week .

a "thank you" box from our beloved trainee NoOody, she's the best

a "tahitiennes" surprise from my dearest bro, he's also the best lol

going to Al Wahda Mall..

this shot is by Rose Gold, ain't she creative! =P

Thanks Rose Gold, u made our office a better place lol