new phone

trying my new k850i camera, not bad eh!


not my day

at ER from 2 am till 6 am.. suffering from stomach pain because of eating french fries.. apparently i shouldn't be having fried food.. been suffering from oily food since Ramadan.. i have ultrasound examination this Wednesday.. el 7mdellah 3ala kel 7al


photoshoot with a make up artist

here is a sneak peek

model is Avi, make up artist: Alia


a day off

ordering breakfast at Le Bon Cafe

behind Marina Mall, on my way home

i loved the shades (glasses) collections in this Australian magazine

waiting for my dental appointment, wearing my Burberry abaya, thanks to fashionJaw <3


Yum! @ Mugg & Bean

thanks Dreamy for making my day <3


gifts to go and fashion class

one of my students work


last day, or half of it

we barely had breakfast, then we left to the airport

the skies looked awesome this day.. so scrumptious!

does it look familiar?

tada!! it was a long way, an hour maybe..

Abu Dhabi airport.. we arrived at night, i couldn't take better pictures
i was sooooooooo tired =)