. birthday surprise .

this day was beautifully crazy.. very sweet and lovely!!
thanks to you guys for making my day special..

my youngest friend's gift, thanks mahoora 7abeebty

early surprises.. mercii guys

i thought my day was boring, until i saw this surprise.. at the end of the day at work

shoes everywhere, i was stunned!! hehe.. i didn't know wht to say
Rose Gold and A, turned my office desk upside-down!! hehe.. sweetest thing ever!!
my boss also was part of this by sending me this lovely bouquet, ain't she amazing!! ^_^
yums!! i collected the shoes topping ones, ma 5alait 7ad yakelhen, but Rose Gold stole some

wo bad3een, i went to see a movie with DeeMaah and Mimi,
The Other Boleyn Girl, it was a good one..

mercii guys!!

shmily, this post is for u


MrFur said...

great photos....kel sana wenti bkhaaaaair o 9e77a o salamah..:D

shmily said...

loved it ryye :) it seemed like an amazing day u deserve it and much much more xx

thnx for the dedication hun

fatima said...

heeey! happy birthday,,
were those cakes ordered from Sprinklz? or made by one of your friends! gwoooooogessss!!!

fashionjaw said...

I can't forgive myself !!! I was soo sick the last week and i just remember your birthday, i was like 11 may already?? when what? am sooooo sorry dear ! happy belated birthday

Shady Enbashi said...

very 'colorful' shots.. are these cuppy cakes for real? hehe.. they look too plastic!

Happy Birthday yo.. you deserve it.

Fairytaled said...

happy belated birthday :)
can u tell me where did u get those cupcakes from? they look yummylicous

Dreamy said...

yeh the cupcakes looks yumy~ so you =)

testahleen kl 5eer suga

Kay said...

thank you all, i really appreciate your comments ^_^

fashionjaw u can't forgive urself but i forgive u ^^,

wo salamtech alf salamah
cakes were done by Le Bon Cafe in AD =)

nyxxie said...

kel 3am wenti bkheir yal '3alyeh :) yummmmmm thosecupcakesss

kytheria said...

You've been tagged girl. check my website.

Anonymous said...

wow ... happy belated BD :)
loved the cuppies ;)