. beautiful april - randoms III - .

Aging Conference

mbc practicing on our table

accident on Shati Al-Raha road, going to Dubai =\

my handmade card and gift, the color is new to me

a view from a friend's room at Emirates Palace, it's like a painting

my new baby from Gerard Darel

Taurus mug, Zodiac mugs r famous at work

a lil souvenir from a trainee, thanks 7abooba



. randoms II .

amashee 7alee bel randoms, eh =P

^ on my way to the dentist, saw our ads wo chan astanas

Ras Al Khaima sha5baree!, went their for a mission

going all the way to Sha'am, very close to Oman boarders

my Fudd's Salad, it didn't taste good as usual, i made a scene there, ask Dreamy XD

Dreamy's, she wanted to add salt but it spilled like rain on her potato, poor girl, i laughed like someone tickled me =P

accident, early in the morning - specially on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings

my dress after attending kinki's wedding - wish u a life full of happiness sweeite

-and according to shady's request, all images r labeled for ur eyes only =P