last day, or half of it

we barely had breakfast, then we left to the airport

the skies looked awesome this day.. so scrumptious!

does it look familiar?

tada!! it was a long way, an hour maybe..

Abu Dhabi airport.. we arrived at night, i couldn't take better pictures
i was sooooooooo tired =)


shady said...

yay! the notorious pink bag =D

sweet collection of "asian" clounds ;)

eagle said...

u have a pink suitcase:O...ur such a girllllll lol..o eshma3na eli foogha el black one 5ayfeen 3leeha o malfoofa o hathee el pinkya ma7ad ma3brha :O

nadd said...

lool @ eagle sheft shlon
it looks real sunny that last day, you should try documentary-style reports..where is the background talk on the history of the places we r seeing etc etc..(metfayyeg!)

shmily said...

u'll be done with ur KL pics!

does that mean u'll not update as much!

NO!! = (