day 6, was a looong day

nice way of wearing jackets.. hehe



Mines Wonderland

back to hotel

out again.. Arabs famous street in KL

arabic internet, yay!


shady said...

these photos are top of the notch. i think you should consider a blog that allows people to regist to so that they can stay tuned via email.. *ahem* VIP

i dunno where to begin, too many photos are most of them are great catch, the driver foot, the jacket, sign boards.. the 'back to hotel' side flipped shot is kewl.. if i am to pick 'something' out of these photos.. ya know what i like 8)

keep rockin' dude..

eagle said...

mashalla very nice photos, how did u manage to take such sharp photos at night?

ur the master !

Souma said...

i love the lights, i'm sucker for lights.
pretty :o)