photoshoot with a make up artist

here is a sneak peek

model is Avi, make up artist: Alia


shmily said...

i love ur photpgraphy i love it i love it i love it,

u shud make a career out of it the amazing local photographer!

inshala if u consider it am booking u mn a7een 7ag my melcha *yes i know am not engaged yet lol*

mashala 3aleich xo

Anonymous said...

wow .. me like :)

fashionjaw said...

wow cute avi!! she has great personality as well and i can see it there, i luuuuuuuv the first one with her hidden smile

great job ryye :P

belle said...

the first pic i thought its barbie lips well done

FIDAMS said...

who is avi ?

it's beautiful :D

Kay said...

thanks all, appreciated

@fidams: she's a model

Anonymous said...

DTE: Hey, great photos... such an individuality in each of them! Great job ryye!!!!!!! Who is the make up artist?? You again?/