. randoms late 2009 and early this year .


MYTH.Graphy said...

I want a party that has so much Ice Cream on it lOol

swandiave said...

بداية احداث 2010 ;)

Disasters :( every where , even with swandi ='(

i liked the 4th pic , as if ur nephew is against gravity xD ..

the GMC pic .. thakarni ib ayam seerati lil mzra3a.. كلهم محملين برايد و جت

وعسى ايامج كلها سعاده اختي راي

اخوج سواني

shady said...

beautiful photos.. i'd go for dark chocolate, pure.. have you ever tried frozen yogurt? absolute addiction and beats ice cream all the way..

Elegant Mood said...

Salamaat o ma tshofeen shar ryyoche..
Btw Great captures, keep it going..