. late 2009 randoms .


swandiave said...


welcome back siso ..

it has been a while .. good to ciah ^^ !!

i liked the \AD art thingi ..
i missed :( the show .. i hope u enjoyed ..
_ i liked the tea photo (awal we7deh) .. its an Art by it self ..
glad to ciah back .. keep updating :)

shady said...

ba3ed zaman 3ala post.. so you made it to Art AD eventually.. who's 29th bday was it? yours? first photo is my favorite..

Kay said...

swandiave, thanks bro.. =)

shady, the 29th b-day is my friend's.. am still younger than that ;)

Hadher said...

I liked the photos!
Keep updatin' =)

Nouf said...

Aww nice snaps <3

welcome back glad u're not forgetting to update ur blog :p

Anonymous said...

Nice shots sis ..
i like the Art gallery.. looks beautiful!

keep shooting and updating :)