. randoms II .

amashee 7alee bel randoms, eh =P

^ on my way to the dentist, saw our ads wo chan astanas

Ras Al Khaima sha5baree!, went their for a mission

going all the way to Sha'am, very close to Oman boarders

my Fudd's Salad, it didn't taste good as usual, i made a scene there, ask Dreamy XD

Dreamy's, she wanted to add salt but it spilled like rain on her potato, poor girl, i laughed like someone tickled me =P

accident, early in the morning - specially on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings

my dress after attending kinki's wedding - wish u a life full of happiness sweeite

-and according to shady's request, all images r labeled for ur eyes only =P


MrFur said...

randomz 7elween, bas eshfeeha AD za7ma! willa bas youm te'6haroon lol. how was RAK? amazing eh, the ppl are sweet and friendly, and roads are free. hope the mission was a success...now you must make another post about THE MISSION hmm.

ya neyyalak ya shady ;p

Kay said...

AD za7ma in rush hours, bs wayed ahwan 3an za7mat edbai.. and RAK wasn't bad and dude, roads r not free!!

as for the mission, it wasn't bad.. el 7mdellah.. i didn't take much pics -- it was very formal to take pics

Dreamy said...

LOL thkrteeny bsalft al sault XD

it didnt taste bad afterall hehe..

sho tsaween fe RAK o_O

shmily said...

yummy food pics >_< seems like u had amazing road trips :)

fashionjaw said...

kinki is married'!! still can't believe it mashalla wish her a happy life :)

shady said...

the dreamy shot is hillarious.. not sure if it's a perspective thing, bit comparing the size of the dish to the person's hands.. damn that's funny. Did she eat it all?

Kay said...

shady: it's the perspective lol, and i dun recall her eating all =P