day 2, Low Yat Plaza & Sungei Wang Plaza

my breakfast.. aint i healthy! =P

a view from the hotel window

i hate it when blogger messes up the order of the pics.. pardon me


shady said...

chuckyyyyy.. my old time little kitten was called chucky.

kewl shots dude, nice observing and vision. What camera was that?

Kay said...

Canon 350 D ^_*

& thnx..

A...J said...

Great angles ;>

Kay said...


Ashy said...

nice Shots sis ^_^

shaklkom istanstoo :)

shmily said...

ma la7a'6ti coffee bean was like eveywhere in KL? lol

u know i love the parking pics, and the 6th and 8th pic both a have a different feel, i love the 6th the most though, chukky scares me lol